Davis Attention Mastery Program

What is it?
Once you understand the Davis Dyslexia theory you understand that the term dyslexia as we use it includes those with the label of ADD or ADHD.

The Davis ® Attention Mastery Program addresses attention deficit disorder using the strengths and talents of a picture thinker’s natural learning style.

It is FUN  and it affirms their intelligence as well as their way of thinking and perceiving. It puts them in control of the learning process and provides them with tools to control their visual and auditory perception. It also modifies hyperactive behaviour, attention problems, and behaviour.

A brief perceptual abilities assessment helps determine if a client is a good candidate for the program. This assessment takes about an hour.

The program itself is one-on-one and takes five to eight days. It is normally conducted from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., and is paced to suit the individual, with snacks and breaks throughout the day, plus a one-hour lunch break. We service clients in Belleville ON.

I brought a confrontational, obstructive, and very frustrated 9-year-old to you and watched her change into someone who once again believed in herself and her abilities. Her words to me after her third day said it all: “I’m really not stupid, am I Mommy?”
Mother of a 9-year-old


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Davis Attention Mastery Program – What is it?

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